2 Priests Podcast

2 Priests Podcast

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Rob and Mark catch up on past projects then talk about Vacation Bible School at Holy Cross and Pokeman Go and sharing the gospel of Christ.

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Mark and Rob catch up on what is new with The Way of St Paul 2.0 and the parish visioning process at Holy Cross in Castro Valley. The conversation then turns toward a discussion of theodicy: what bad things happen to good people and how do we find God in the midst of it all.

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Mark and Rob explore what is means to “make disciples” or even what it means to be a disciple of Christ. They explore how the Church is moving more toward a missional focus. Rob updates on theWay of St. Paul and Mark talks a little bit about the vision process his parish in undertaking. Mark also talks about a visioning resource his parish used during Lent called “All the places to go”

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Mark and Rob talk about invitation. How we are called as Christians to make disciples and the tension that language and practice holds for many Christians.

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Mark and Rob return to the podcast after years and years of absence. Rob is on the East coast and Mark is on the West coast and in this return episode they talk about an innovative discipleship program that Rob is developing, a rector search Mark’s parish is undertaking to discover the next mission context for ministry, and they wrap up with a beginning look at Customer Mapping, which Mark renamed a Journey Map. A new model for looking at parish vitality.

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